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This platform is now closed to new submissions.

The NH365 events network is transitioning to an updated, mobile-friendly platform between now and Sept. 30th. To enter an event, visit

This will assure your event appears online and in print after Sept. 30.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I just entered an event, but I can’t find it in the listings?

A. All events go through a moderation process. It may take up to 24 hours before your event has been approved for publication on the website.

Q. When I’m asked to select the Event’s Type of Venue, should I click Existing Venue, Register Venue, or Nonregistered Venue.

A. First, check the Existing Venue option and check the drop-down list or use the search box to see if your event’s venue is already listed. If it is, choose it from the list and the system will pre-populate the venue’s information.  This assures your event will be listed with other events coming up at a venue when someone views that venue's page.

If the venue is not listed you can either choose to Register the venue so it will be there for future events or choose Nonregistered Venue if you would like to enter the venue information to be used for this one event only.

Q. I run a venue that is already listed on your site, and I would like to add information. How do I do that?

A. If you are the appropriate contact for your venue just let us know and we’ll hand over the editing capabilities to you. Email to get started.

Q. What kinds of images can I upload with my event listing?

A. Your image should be a .jpg or .gif.

Q. I started entering an event and then got distracted with another project. When I came back and finished entering the event it brought me back to the login page.

A. Unfortunately, your session timed out after 30 minutes and you will have to re-enter you event’s information.

Q. I’d like to create an events widget for my website. How do I do that?

A. Register with or through any affiliated site.  Once you are logged in you'll see a tab at the center of the page that says “Widgets”.  Click that tab and follow the instructions.  The process will involve you first describing the types of events you want your widget to display and then setting how you'd like your widget to appear. Once complete, a script will be generated that you can embed into any web site to display events.   Give it a try and contact if you need any help along the way. We have CSS stylesheets that provide additional control over the appearance of a widget on your site.

Q. Why is the widget I created not pulling events?

A. You may have been too specific in describing the kinds of events your query is pulling. Edit the query that you are using for the widget and see if that helps. If you’re still having problems, contact

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